About Argumedo Garzon Law Group

After opening in San Francisco in 2010, Argumedo Garzon Law Group has been committed to uniting families, helping our clients through the immigration process and securing the rights of immigrants already in this country.

We are a team of experienced bilingual immigration attorneys who can help support you and your loved ones in any phase of the immigration process. We understand the importance of securing you and your loved ones' lives here in the United States, and strive to do so with confidence and respect.

Whether you need help bringing your family here, filing for a work permit, defending against deportation or more — we will do the best we can to help you reach the most favorable outcome possible.

Building A Stronger Community

Our law firm is very involved with communities and organizations across California — including nonprofits, churches, charities and pro bono help for immigrants in need. During such an uncertain political atmosphere, many immigrants find their rights and their livelihoods at risk. We take immigration law very personally, and are dedicated to using our experience to build a stronger community that works for all of us.

Immigration Is Personal To Us

Both of our attorneys come from immigrant backgrounds, and understand the importance of uniting families and keeping immigrant families secure in this country. We work personally with our clients to ensure all their goals are met and that we represent their case to the best of our ability.

Learn more about our attorneys and their qualifications and successes by visiting the pages below:

We recognize that our clients are hardworking, so we are happy to offer payment plans and sliding fees to make our services more affordable. Please call us at 415-766-8880 to schedule an appointment with one of our immigration lawyers today to find out how we can help you. We look forward to meeting you.